About My Images

These images are as my eye and the camera captured them with no enhancements or colour correction.  Each one has it’s own story. If you are interested, let me know and I will send it with the print.

My Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your print, please contact (insert contact link) me immediately and I will replace the print with an improved version or provide you with a full refund upon return of the print.  My wish is for you to be happy with your purchase and for you to enjoy the gifts of nature.

A Minor Disclaimer

I cannot guarantee that your print will exactly match what you see on your monitor.  The setting on your computer monitor, such as brightness, colour and contrast, can affect the way my images look on your monitor.  The variances however are usually minor.

Print Sizes

Please contact me if you are interested in prints larger than 16x20.  Some images on my website have non-standard dimensions because they are cropped to produce the most eye pleasing composition.  If you order one of these images in a larger size, we will work together to make sure you understand the size you are ordering.

Payment Options

Payment is set up to be processed directly through PayPal.  Ordering is safe and secure.    If you wish to pay by a different methods, please  contact me


A surcharge of $10 will be added to larger orders to cover shipping to all locations.

Copyright Statement

All images copyright Saria C.  All rights reserved.  No form of reproduction of an image, including copying or saving of digital image files, or the alteration or manipulation of said image files, or the reproduction, alteration or manipulation of prints, is authorized unless accompanied by a written sales invoice issued by Saria C. granting specific usage rights for an agreed fee.  All images and documents displayed on this site http://www.saria.co are copyrighted by Saria C. and may not be legally reproduced without prior written authorization from the photographer, beyond the screen you are currently viewing.  For information regarding commercial or personal usage, please  contact me