I enjoy the flow of life, balance and the natural beauty in everything. I bring this to my photography and poetry. It also shows up in my healing work which works with the flow of life and balance. I have a gentle and calming manner, constantly tapping into my intuition for the healing and always looking at life and what is around me with wonder and having my camera capture that. Nature as it is through the eyes of Saria

In 2005 my life underwent major changes and started me on the journey to become an Alternative Healer. I became certified in several modalities in the space of 18 months and more recently completing my master level in ReiKi. I like to call what I do a smorgasbord – Dinner Plate Therapy. A way of putting your thoughts, issues etc on the plate and seeing what you want to eat, digest and release in the waste process. It seems what most people want to end up with is a balanced diet, a balanced life. There is lots on this ‘menu’ to choose from. You can decide for yourself to choose any one or a combination of the modalities or I will use my intuitive sense to assist you.

I am inspired by nature and love to share my photographs in the form of prints and cards In 2008 I actively started pursuing nature photography. When you come upon the Horse’s Eye in the gallery – he is the one that started it all.

A recent addition, Poetry -Illuminations, little stories of life.  Look for it under Photos and Illuminations with more to come soon.  Watch for my book Sunrises, Sunsets and Somewhere in Between, in process…