green socks (Custom)

It doesn’t look like much

Green socks just laying there

A gift from a special friend

These were special socks, lime green

So she knows where her feet are

It seems she likes to fly off now and again

He always knows what she needs

Green socks sitting inside of a hammock

She sleeps there each time she visits him

She loves hammocks

This time a full moon over the rooftops

As she looks through the branches of the tree

Her teddy bear showed up to say hello

She thought he was gone

She leaves him there for next time

Her first hammock, minus 10 wrapped in a

Winter sleeping bag, hat on her head

With just her face

Peering out to the myriad of stars

In the prairie night time sky

Staying awake all night

Watching the stars fade and the sun arrive

Sounds changing at the same time

© Saria