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I enjoy the flow of life, balance and the natural beauty in everything. I bring this to my photography and poetry. I look at life and what is around me with child-like wonder and curiosity and this is what my photographs portray.

In 2008 I actively started pursuing nature photography.   I am inspired by nature and love to share my photographs in the form of prints, cards and digital media.  My book Sunrises, Sunsets and Somewhere in Between is close to being ready for publishing. As the name suggests it is a collection of photographs and poetry, life snippets as I call them.

In 2005 my life underwent major changes that totally changed my way of being.  It  started me on the journey to heal myself and become an Alternative Healer.  And the journey continues...
Like my photography and poetry, I also bring the flow of life and balance to my healing work. I am certified in several modalities and also bring a gentle, calming manner to each session, as well as a gentle firmness where necessary. I draw strongly on my intuition within each session also. You may choose one of the modalities or I will intuitively sense what is needed to help you heal yourself.